Central Library

Rectorate Tower

Medicine Building

Pavillion of Cosmic Rays

Economy Faculty

Sculpturic Space

Cultural Center

Estimated time/Day

3-4 hours / Sunday

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1-2 Travelers: 295 USD

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Private transportation

Tour guide

Bottle of water

Felix Candela's works

In Mexico, Candela reached his professional peak and achieved creative fulfillment. He was one of the most skillful designers of thin-slab concrete structures in the hemisphere. Thin sheets of saddle-shapped  concrete typify his architecture.

The sites of your interest can be customized. If there is a special place you want or a different combination that you may prefer, Likewise, if you need a special tour for a larger group..

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Central University City Campus


Universidad Autónoma de Méxco is one of the maximum exhibitors of Modernism in Latin America and declared a World Heritage Site.

Its buildings are a clear example of plastic art integration of modern architecture, Mexican traditions and artwork with designs inspired in the Aztec and Spanish past and set by the flora of the volcanic rock natural scenery. 


Chapel of Our Lady of the Solicitude

Chapel of Vicente de Paul

Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe (El Rosedal)

Church of Santa Monica

Church of Virgen de la Medalla Milagrosa

Estimated time/Day

5-6 hours/ not available until new notice

Tour price*

1 - 2 Travelers: 325 USD

What's included

Private transportation

Tour guide

Bottle of water

Customized Tours