Monica is an independent tour guide and guides every tour.. 



By email with name of tour, tour date, your name, hotel address in Mexico City and number of travelers. Once the tour is confirmed, a deposit of 25% of the total amount should be done and provided upon reservation.


Degree in Ethnohistory at ENAH (National Anthropology and History School), certified in Tourism Business Administration at IPN (Instituto Politecnico Nacional), diplomaed in General Tourist Guides at ENAH and certified as Tour Guide by SECTUR (Secretary of Tourism), Seminar in Epigraphy at ENAH, Seminar in Maya Mythology at ENAH, Modern Art courses, Baroque Art courses, Diplomaed in Mexico's Daily Life Through Art at UNAM.



English and Spanish. 

Monica Yris

The ease of visiting Luis Barragan's enclosures with Monica, with private transportation, is that you don't have to worry at all. The tours are personally and professionally arranged by Mónica Yris herself.

Monica's priority is to get the appointments to visit private properties not normally open to the public and to ensure that you have a unique Luis Barragan tour to see these amazing, beautiful spiritual spaces that only can be fully appreciated in person.

Monica started her own business in 2006, specializing in personalized tours with an extraordinary historic and artistic content of Mexico.The experience of being in art and culture led Monica to be more involved and passionate in the field of architecture of Luis Barragan.


Private tours

For individuals, architects, designers and enthusiastic people.


Customized tours 

Under request, not only Luis Barragan's works, as well from other architects like Felix Candela, Juan O' Gorman, Mathias Goeritz, Pedro Ramírez Vazquez, Ricardo Legorreta, Javier Sordo Madaleno, Max Cetto.

What Is Offered